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'Over You' Part 1 - Setting Up the Mix


In this lesson, Bob takes us through KSHMR’s song Over You and shows how he sets up the initial mix. Bob shows us how he chooses to organize stems by groups and shows us his own analog mixing setup. Furthermore, Bob goes into detail on mixbus processing tips and tricks to apply before the mixing processing begins with a variety of compressors, EQs, and maximizer tools. He offers a variety of options for producers to implement into their own workflow that can be applied to any DAW utilizing only software gear, only analog gear, or a hybrid of both.

Mixing and Mastering with Bob Sandee

In Lessons of Sandee, Bob Sandee (Mixmaster Subgroover) covers his mixing and mastering tips and tricks. Bob most notably mixes and masters all of KSHMR's releases. In this course, he takes a deep dive into some of KSHMR's songs that he has worked on providing insightful mix and master techniques for producers to apply within their own music.

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