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Please submit all your demo through our website at: www.dharmaworldwide.com/demo  

We will not listen to any demos submitted via email or DM'd on social media.  

Please consider that your demo is checked in batches. We listen to every demo, but due to the amount received we cannot give individual feedback. If we like it, we will contact you within 2-4 weeks. 

We launched Dharma Studio Pro for producers who desire feedback on their recent productions.  If you have a Pro account, even if we believe your track doesn’t suit our label, you will still receive short feedback on how it can be improved.

Visit dharmaworldwide.com/account/demo

Click on "My Demo" to see if your demo is in review or has been declined. If your demo is declined, then you will also receive an e-mail. Every decision is final so please do not respond or dispute the decision. Double demo uploads will result in a ban so don't upload the demo again! 

We won't reply to messages if we checked your demo or not. We do listen to every demo so don't worry about your demo. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible, but it can take 2-4 weeks before you will see a response. 

The short answer: there's no secret way to get signed by us. 

Of course, the music style has to fit our label. We are looking for electronic music with a world feel that is original, fresh, melodic, catchy, and/or is a club or festival banger.   

Tip: If you want to get a release on Dharma Worldwide just imagine your track being played at a big festival, club, radio or the gym. Will it work? Does it have energy? Is the production original, catchy, melodic, or groovy?

We always advise producers to focus on making music and not on gaining likes or followers. If you make great music, likes and followers will eventually come as you build an audience through our platform. 

Studio monitors, software, and a midi keyboard can definitely enhance your production, although not required.

Once we have signed your first track with Dharma Worldwide, we will help build your career with new releases, event opportunities, and to create a story around your music. We always push new talents through the Dharma Worldwide platform. New music and artists are very important to us.

You can send in one demo at a time. 

If your demo is declined, please do not resubmit it.  Even if you are a Pro user and we give you feedback on your track, please do not submit it.

Please be patient with sending demos and respectful to our team.  We do listen to all demos submitted.

The same way you submit a demo, submit through the site here: http://www.DharmaWorldwide.com/demo

Example #1 

I think the drop has good potential and the intro caught my attention. I think it needs some work still though. I think you could make the leads and the bass + kick tighter with each other, now they sound a bit messy, try to work with busses to glue everything together so it sounds tighter. I think the break is a bit too long also, this wouldn't work in the clubs or festivals because people would get bored. Try to find something rhythmic or unique that will make a club go crazy throughout the whole song.

Example #2

I think the vocal is pretty cool and has a lot of edge. The instrumental needs some work when it comes to the whole sound, I would make the break parts a bit more deeper with the percussion and samples you use, to really create a good vibe where the sounds don't interfere too much with the vocal.

Check Bruno Mars songs for reference in this kind of style when it comes to production

I think the chord sounds in the drop sounds pretty cool, but they could need some more work to really comply with the percussions and other sounds you use in the drop, spend around 10 more hours on fine tuning everything so nothing sounds out of the box in terms of the production box, you want to make sure all the sounds are in harmony with each other, this also counts for the vocal.”

Example #3

I think the drop idea has potential but the rest have to be worked on, the intro sounds too basic (you should consider an intro and outro as part of the song that a listener should be interested listening to and not just for DJs).

I am not so sold on the vocal in this one, I think the breaks are a bit to messy with melodies and I think that's why I feel confused when listening to the break because you have partly instrumental leads, but also lead melodies from the vocal, try to clean that up a bit.

I think the build up is great, and the melody in the drop is great but I would work a bit more on getting the lead more clear and crisp, now they sound a bit to high end 

Example #4

I think the demo needs more work on the arrangement and mixing/mastering wise

Now the vibe in the drop is a bit empty, would look into adding more lead layers for the mid frequencies and also perhaps add anbass to your kick to get a bit more crunch out of it

Absolutely. Once purchased, no royalties or credits are necessary. You are free to use them in any productions.

We understand that you want to have permission to use our music on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitch etc. At the moment we are working hard on streamlining this process. 

This is what you can't do:

❌ Upload a full track on YouTube (Meaning our music contains more than 65% of the video)

❌ Give away our music on platforms on any social media channel platform. Meaning linking to a free download from one of our tracks, this includes our free downloads. 

❌ Never use Paying Shortlinks that will monetize our content

❌ You can't use our (video) music if you will use it to announce an event, product, release or if you want to use it in a (commercial) movie, tv show. Rule of thumb: If you make money off our music you can't use it without approval. 

If you don't have written approval we will take down the video or sound recording. 

This is what you can do. Note: We are allowed to monetize your video. 

✅ Use a small snippet of our music on Youtube and other platforms. 

✅ Use our music in user generated content (Insta Stories, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube) as long as it's not used in full. 

✅ You can use our music if it's in the background of a video, so if you're streaming on Twitch and the main goal is not to play or upload music but to play a game than it's fine. 

At all times you need to credit the artist, label and mention the link or otherwise we can block the video. You can find these credits on the official YouTube Upload (use the first 2-3 sentences). 

If you're looking for written permission to use any of our songs for your commercial project than you need to contact us at [email protected]

Find out how to license a track or get permission (non exclusive or exclusive) for example: YouTube, Spotify or in your territory. Please drop us an email if you have questions about licensing. We will forward your message to the right person! Do not send us any demos via email, we will not listen to them.

Contact: [email protected] 

Click the little orange button on the right corner of your screen.

Prior to uploading, our team ensures that all Dharma Worldwide preset collections are fully functional. Here, we’ve listed some of the common issues that users may experience when downloading Dharma Worldwide soundbanks, and how to easily fix them.

1. The ZIP file is not extracted correctly or the downloaded file was corrupt. 

Fix: Re-download the file and extract it again.

2. The path of extraction is too long. 

Fix: Please extract your file to a different parent folder. Sometimes the path is too long for an operating system to support it.  

3. You don't have the legal or latest version

You can easily delete your demo by visiting


Click on view of the demo you want to delete. 

Click on the trash bin and your demo will be deleted from our system. 

Go to https://www.dharmaworldwide.com/account scroll down and click on "Delete Account".

You can download receipts using this link, make sure to update your profile settings to add your billing address! 


All software sales are final.

We are open to discussing said deals; however, we do require detailed marketing plans and marketing budgets for all virtual distribution partners – meaning numbers and financials. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in representing – and investing into marketing, and publishing.

Right now, you can't change your username or artist name yourself. However, we can do this manually if you send us a message.

You can change your picture now in the account settings: dharmaworldwide.com/account