KSHMR Reverb 1.2 Is Now Available!

Mixed In Key Live gives you the Key, BPM, and specific notes of any audio you play on your Mac, immediately. No more guessing. No more wasted time. It doesn’t matter what you’re playing or where you’re playing it, Mixed in Key Live tells you the key, BPM, and notes of ANY audio. That includes YouTube videos, Splice, sample libraries, Ableton, Logic — you name it.

Mixed In Key Live only works on MAC devices. Please do not purchase this if you use Windows.

Mixed In Key Live



The earlier you start using Mixed In Key Live, the more valuable it becomes. Every single minute from here on out that you spend figuring out keys and BPMs isn’t necessary anymore, and that time has a cost. 5 minutes here. 10 minutes there — over a few years those countless hours could have been spent making more tracks, finding more fans, and making more money.


Product Features

Fly In Samples With 100% Confidence

Every sample you play is immediately analyzed by Mixed in Key Live.

This means you can know without a doubt that the kick or piano sample you just grabbed is the perfect pitch for your song.

Musical X-Ray Vision

You will see the key, scale and bpm of your track. Our graphic note visualizer shows you the exact notes and key being played at any given time.

Fits Into Your Workflow Without Getting In The Way

A collapsed view is available from your Mac menu bar, so you can keep it floating over Spotify, Splice, or Ableton without taking up too much space.

Mixed In Key Live

Product Testimonials

David Guetta

“I can keep it open all the time. Any sample I play, it’s showing me the key. I can use it for music production and working on mashups. It makes my life easy”

Pete Tong

“Mixed In Key Live is great! It’s up-and-running in minutes and gives you great key results from any source.”

Pete Tong Mixed In Key
Lofi Dre Mixed In Key

L. Dre

“This is a must-have tool for producers. It’s useful in many situations, like getting your samples ready to use”

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