Symphony - Serum Hybrid Orchestra

KSHMR & 7 Skies


Soundsets often provide you with gritty dubstep sounds, supersaws, and FM basses. But libraries with real instruments are often expensive and take lots of space — until now.

SYMPHONY enters uncharted territory for Serum. We’ve recorded and collected real instruments, synthesizing them into wavetables. The results are incredible. The benefits of using wave tables and not “Noise” samples are many:
– No stretching of samples — the length of sounds is consistent at every key.
– Adjustable wavetable scan speed lets you shape the sound — impossible to do with a sampler.
– The sounds infinitely sustainable — you can hold any note for any amount of time.

Vast and diverse selection:
You’ll find Basses, Guitars, Brass, Strings, Flutes, Mallets, and even ethnic instruments like Sitar, Koto, Duduk, Balalaika and more. The result is a massive 161 in total.

An entirely new perception of acoustic sound:
We are not claiming that SYMPHONY will replace your real instruments libraries. With SYMPHONY our goal was to create a soundbank that would inspire a new world of sonic possibilities. We believe we did it.

We care about details:
To realize the true character of these instruments, we took advantage of all oscillators, filters, and FXs. Using the Macros, Mod Wheel and Velocity will give you the inflections and expression native to each instrument.

Join the revolution:
In addition to 161 presets, SYMPHONY also includes 50 Wavetables to incorporate in your own Serum patches. You can add strings to your supersaw or layer your bass with pizzicato — all within Serum. SYMPHONY truly is an epic collection — and may well change the meaning of sound design.


-161 Presets

- 50+ Wavetables

- Ableton Live Demo Project

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